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Zopkios Ridge
Parent Area: Canadian Cascades

Area: 10 sq km. Location: Just north of Highway #5 (Coquihalla Highway), a few km west of the toll both. Terrain: This ridge contains several spectacular rock faces, some visible from the highway, and offers enjoyable rock climbing and scrambling. History: Summits along the ridge were first climbed by survey parties. Mountaineers discovered the area in 1974. In the 1980's, as the Coquihalla Highway was constructed,the area became a subalpine cragging playground. Today Yak's south facing slabs are a high altitude equivalent of the Squamish Apron. Many climbers, lured by the easy access, underestimate the rock quality or weather factors, and spectacular epics have resulted over the years.

Top Trips
A short Skitrip to Ottomite Mountain Klaus Haring
Weekend Warrior - Four Alpine Climbing Trips Near Chilliwack Drew Brayshaw
Climbing Zupjok Peak. Klaus Haring
Skiing Iago Siding Peak Klaus Haring
Coquihalla: Rescue Attempt on Mt. Thar - 'A Fools Errand!' Ross Sturgeon
Thar Peak - North Face Couloir Drew Brayshaw
Yak - Nak - Thar Circuit - Scramblers Version Rex Gutermuth
Yak Check Pitch By Pitch "Opinionated" Description Drew Brayshaw
Ottomite, A short sidetrip from Coquihalla Pass Klaus Haring
Zoa in Summer Klaus Haring
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Top Photos
Yak Peak PhotoTopo Drew Brayshaw
Yak Southeast Face Drew Brayshaw
Thar-Nak-Yak : Zopkios Ridge North Faces (Summer) Drew Brayshaw
Thar Peak and Coquihalla Mountain Greg Jones
Northwestern View from Yak Peak. Simon Chesterton
Yak Peak from Base of Slabs--East End Steve Sproule
Yak Peak from the Northwest Robin Tivy
Yak From Southwest Drew Brayshaw
Yak-Check Paul Morton
Nak and Yak Greg Jones
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