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Freshfields Ranges
Parent Area: Park Ranges

Area: 360 sq km.Location: The Freshfields is the name associated with the peaks to the west of Howse Pass, which at one time was considered for the transcontinental railway. Thus they lie to the northwest of the Wapta Icefields, in the big crook in the Alberta-BC Border. The Freshfields is the only place you can ski EAST and cross into British Columbia. On the south, it is drained by the Blaeberry River, which goes into the Columbia River north of Golden. On the northwest, it is drained by Valenciennes River, which flows into the now flooded "Bush Arm" of Kinbasket Lake (the flooded Columbia River). On the north, it is drained by the east flowing Howse River.

Terrain: Due to its closer proximity to the wet climate of British Columbia, the terrain is more heavily glaciated than the typical Rocky Mountains Icefields further west - glaciers are a bit more heavily covered insnow. The traditional access has been from the east - skiing up the Howse River. However, it is increasingly approached from the west, by driving up the Blaeberry River from Golden BC.

  History: The Freshfields Icefield and Mount Freshfield itself were named after Douglas William Freshfield (1845-1934) who was editor then president of the Alpine Club based in London , England.

Top Trips
The Freshfield Grand Slam (Freshfields South) Rick Collier
Nanga Parbat - South East Ridge Doug Brown
Mount Walker - East Ridge Doug Brown
Mount Bulyea - North Face Doug Brown

Top Photos
Summit Ridge of Mount Barnard Rick Collier
On Mount Mummery's Southeast Ridge Steve Sheriff
Mount Trutch Rick Collier
Solitaire Mountain Eric Coulthard
Evening Light on the Freshfield Icefield Eric Coulthard
View Northwest from the Summit of Mount Rhondda; Fisher Peak David Wasserman
Southeast End of the Freshfield Icefield Rick Collier
Mount Mummery Andrew Siefert
Nanga Parbat from the Nanga Parbat - Gilgit Col Steve Sheriff
Mount Walker and Mount Freshfield Steve Sheriff
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