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Logan Mountains
Parent Area: Selwyn Mountains

Area: 26264 sq km. Location: The Logan Range is a massive granite intrusion which sticks up in the middle of the limestone Mackenzie Mountains. They are located in southeastern Yukon and southwestern Northwest Territories. The Logan mountains are nearly 100km long, running NW. Don't confuse these mountains with Mount Logan, which is in the Saint Elias Mountains, much further west.

Terrain: The Logan mountains are a massive granite intrusion that forced its way up through the surrounding limestone peaks. The easy rolling limestone hills of the Mackenzie range are suddenly interrupted by a series of granite pinnacles, rising 1500m above the surrounding land. As with the coast range, the wet weather comes from the west, and this has led to a series of interconnected icefields along the western flanks of the range. The Rabbit Kettle River flows from west to east right through the range, and divides the range into two areas. History: The first recorded visit to the Logans was in 1937, with an expedition led by Harry Snyder. In 1953, there was an expedition from Yale University. In 1955 there was an expedition by Donald Hubbard, and in 1960 an expedition led by US climber Bill Buckingham. All four groups flew into Brintnell Lake in the Northern Logans, but until 1960 the southern Logans were not known.

The northern range is sometimes referred to as the Snyder Range (after Harry Snyder), but also as Cirque of the Unclimbables. The southern one was referred to as the Twilight Range by John Milton, but later as the Ragged Range.

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