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Mission Ridge
Parent Area: Pacific Ranges

Area: 291 sq km. Location: Mission Ridge is a relatively low elevation but nonetheless very appealing ridge with hikeable summmits flanked by undulating meadows and stunning crags. From nearly any of its heights it commands impressive views that encompass the surrounding ranges - the Cayoosh, Bendor, Shulaps, Camelsfoot, Fountain Ridge/Clear Range and Mt. Brew/Lillooet Ranges. It is bounded by Mission Pass on the west, Seton Lake to the south, the town of Lillooet to the east and the valley and Big Canyon of the lower Bridge River to the north. Terrain: Although functionally a continuation of the Bendor Range to which it is connected by the col which forms Mission Pass, it follows the same general strike as the Shulaps Range, from which it is divided by the Bridge River Canyon, and its alpine areas have many of the same characteristics of terrain as the Shulaps, except for the absence of true rock-and-glacier alpine. The ridge's summits are all above treeline, however. For more details and a discussion of access see <a href="">the Photo Essay on the same image</a>.

Mission Ridge is on the right, with the summits of Mt. McLean and Mission Peak too close in-line to be able to easily point out, except to say that the higher of the two summits that can be known as Mt. McLean is the closest one, Mission Peak would be the farthest. The Bendor Range is in the left half of the background, while to the right of the sliver of Carpenter Lake visible a bit of the Shulaps can be seen; the Cayoosh Range is to the left of Seton Lake. Shalalth is on the shore of the farther bit of Seton Lake seen here; the bluffs near Seton Beach are at lower left, above and before the large fan visible on the lakeshore. Note the texture on the surface of Seton Lake, caused by the extreme winds which typically course along the lake in the afternoon.

<small>The image here was enhanced by Mike Cleven from the Photos by Kat hosted at <a href="">Randall's Flying Photos Page</a>.</small>


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Lillooet - Watson Bar - Big Bar Bike Loop Robin Tivy
Mission Peak in a Day Fred Touche
China Head Mountain Bike Traverse Sept 2003 Kirby Kinnon

Top Photos
Eastern Mission Ridge and Mount McLean Fred Touche
South Flank of Mt. McLean from Seton Lake Mike Cleven
Tsee Peak - East Side Fred Touche
Western Mission Ridge and Puck Peak Fred Touche
Geodetic Peak - East Side Fred Touche
Puck Peak from Northwest Fred Touche
Mission Ridge - South Side Greg Jones
Mission Peak - West Slope Fred Touche
Rappelling off Taikonaut (WI4), Carpenter Lake Drew Brayshaw
Ragged Rock Walls in Bridge River Canyon (Cardhouse Peak) Mike Cleven
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