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Niut Range
Parent Area: Waddington Area

Area: 1518 sq km.Location: The Niut Range is located northeast of the Waddington Range, divided from it by the Mosley Creek - Homathko River valley. To the west lies Tatlayoko Lake and to the south lies the Homathko Icefield. To the northwest is the Pantheon Range. The nearest town is Tatla Lake, on the Bella Coola Highway. Terrain: Drainage: The southern part of the range drains into the Homathko River, which then flows west, cutting right through the Coast Range to Bute Inlet. The northern flank of the range drains into Mosley Creek which again flows into the Homathko River.

The rock in the Niut Range is by and large non-granitic, and the Niut Range is, with few exceptions, not a rock climbing destination, especially with the Waddington, Homathko and Pantheon areas nearby. Razorback is composed of horizontally banded rocks which makes it look like a peak from the Canadian Rockies and somewhat out of place on the Coast.

The north/east side of the range tends to have plateau areas and broad, gentle valleys while the south/west side has steeper slopes and narrower valleys.

Top Trips
Niut Range Adventures Spring 2002 Drew Brayshaw
Niut Range 2004 Spring Fling Drew Brayshaw
Goin' till the Cows Come Home: Northeastern Niut Range via Valleau Creek Don Funk

Top Photos
Razorback Mountain - Northeast Side Don Funk
Cloud-drifter Peak - North Side Don Funk
Ottarasko Mountain - North Side Don Funk
Niut Range Aerial Panorama Drew Brayshaw
Razorback Mountain - Entire North Face Don Funk
West Faces: Success, Lowwa, Reliance, Determination Jordan Peters
Morning Alpenglow on Rusty and Pagoda Drew Brayshaw
Niut Mountain - West Side Don Funk
North Faces In Niut Range - Rusty, Pagoda, Hanging Drew Brayshaw
Standing Around in the Niut Range Drew Brayshaw
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