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Bedded Range
Parent Area: Canadian Cascades

Area: 369 sq km. Location: This range is located south of Coquihalla River and north of Dewdney Creek Terrain: Peaks in this range tend to be composed of layered volcanic and metavolcanic rock. In particular, the Coquihalla Mountain area is composed of Tertiary volcanic flows. These represent the phase of vulcanism which preceded the formation of the Cascade volcanic chain - the proto-Cascades, as it were. During the geologic interlude between the two events, continental drift and renewed subduction moved the locus of vulcanism west to the current location. In a few million years, peaks like Garibaldi and Baker may erode to resemble Coquihalla.

South of Coquihalla, rock tends to be more sedimentary in character. Tulameen Mountain exhibits strong bedding planes dipping to the NE, which have named the range as a whole. Fossils can be found here.

Along the south edge of the Coquihalla River valley, there are a number of spectacular landslide scarps in the unconsolidated volcanic material (near Hidden Creek, for instance). The valley was overdeepened by glaciation, and when the ice melted, the now-unstable valley walls collapsed. Something similar occurs today in the Meager Volcanic complex. History: Native peoples traversed through this area when passing from Tulameen country to Hope area, as did early European explorers and fur traders. After construction of the Kettle Valley railway the area became a bit of a backwater. Today, mountaineering use of the area is heavily outweighed by snowmobilers (in winter/spring) and industrial users such as loggers (summer/fall). There are some nice scrambling peaks in the area which makes it a good place to visit if you want guaranteed solitude.

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Coquihalla Mountain - A North Ridge Ascent Justin Brown
Coquihalla Peak via South Flank Ridge Robin Tivy
Illal Mountain (near Coquihalla) in a Summer Whiteout Robin Tivy
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Kootenays Road Trip and Three Alpine Meadow Trips Robin Tivy
Smithers Road Trip in the big smoke Robin Tivy
Skiing Zoa in the year without winter Klaus Haring
Coquihalla Mountain - Traverse over the three peaks Ed A Klassen
Thar Peak - North Face Couloir Drew Brayshaw
Thar Peak - East Ridge Tim Gage
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Top Photos
Coquihalla Mountain Area - Panorama Stephen Skog
Tulameen Mountain - East Face (Winter) Justin Brown
Coquihalla Mountain - View east over 2 subpeaks and Jim Kelly Justin Brown
Tulameen Mountain - Southeast Aspect Justin Brown
Tulameen Mountain - North Aspect Justin Brown
Jim Kelly on an early winter morning Justin Brown
Mount Snider - East Aspect Justin Brown
Coquihalla Mountain - Final Part of West Ridge Justin Brown
Illal Mountain Alpenglow Justin Brown
Carry Peak - Northwest Aspect Justin Brown
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