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Dogtooth Range
Parent Area: Purcell Mountains

Area: 1520 sq km.Location: The Dogtooth Range is a long range encapsulating the northernmost mountains of the Purcells. They are immediately west of the town of Golden. Its eastern boundary is the Beaver River. The southern boundary is the Spillimacheen River, and its western boundary is the Clumbia River.<br> Terrain: The Dogtooth Range rises from the Rocky Mountain Trench at only 780m(2550 ft)at Golden to heights of over 2500 m - a significant uplift from valley bottom. Locally recognized mountain features are Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Gorman Lake, and Quartz Lake, and Canyon Creek. <br> History: Officially designated trails include Dawn Mountain Nordic Trails (cross-country skiing), Moonraker Trail System (cross-country biking), Gorman Lake, Canyon Creek, and Quartz Lake.

Top Trips
Dogtooth Range Exploration, and Climb of Dogtooth Peak Robin Tivy
West Ridge of Necklace Peak via McLean Ck Dean Richards
Bald Mountain and Copperstain Mountain Dean Richards
Kootenays Road Trip and Three Alpine Meadow Trips Robin Tivy
Clamshell Peak via Southeast Ridge Dean Richards
Moonraker, Dogtooth, and Dawn in a Day Dean Richards
Zombie Peak from Gorman Lake John Jimmo
Copperstain - Beaver River Loop Matt Lucas
Copperstain Loop Route Robin Tivy

Top Photos
Moonraker Peak and Dogtooth Mountain from Clamshell Peak Dean Richards
The Molars (Molar Peak) from Clamshell Peak Dean Richards
Kingpin Peak from Clamshell Peak Dean Richards
Dogtooth Peak and Moonraker Peak from the Southwest Dean Richards
South Summit of Bald Mountain ("Bella Vista") from the North Dean Richards
'Shepherd Peak' from the Northwest Dean Richards
Copperstain Mountain from the Southwest Dean Richards
Holt Peak from the South Dean Richards
Moonraker South Face from Dogtooth Peak Robin Tivy
Eos Peak from Clamshell Peak Dean Richards
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