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Leckie Range
Parent Area: Chilcotin Ranges

Area: 78 sq km. Location: A small, ridge-like mountain range just north of the Dickson Range, bounded by Slim Creek to the south, Leckie Creek to the north, and Leckie Lake to the west. Terrain: The eastern part of the range is composed of broad scree ridges, while the west side contains an endless string of rock pinnacles. The Leckie Range is about 15 km long by 5 km wide. History: There seems to be a lack of documented history and very little is known about the Leckie Range. It has a counterpart somewhere around the Mawson research station in Antarctica.

Top Trips
Losing Weight: From Slim to Meager (Lillooet Icefield Traverse) Scott Nelson
The Western Dickson Range Ski Traverse Klaus Haring
The Leckie - Gun Creek Loop Klaus Haring
Tracking Moraine-Dammed Lakes: The Long Way to Mount McClure David Campbell
The Successful Griswold Pass exploration. Klaus Haring
A Summer Traverse in the Chilcotin - Warner, Taylor and Wolverine Passes Laurent Mingo
Skiing Sorcerer Klaus Haring
A Disapointing Attempt on Slim Mountain Klaus Haring
A Quick Trip in the Dickson Range David Campbell
Gun - Slim Creek Ski Traverse Robin Tivy
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Top Photos
Leckie Peak from the Southwest Benoit Landry
Leckie Lakes and Gait W4 Klaus Haring
Leckie Peak from the SE Klaus Haring
Summit Ridge of Gait W3 & W4 Klaus Haring
Leckie Peak from NE Klaus Haring
Gait W4 Klaus Haring
Camp at the Head of Slim Creek David Campbell

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