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Ellesmere Island
Parent Area: Arctic Islands

Area: 303902 sq km.   Location: Ellesmere Island is the northernmost island in the Canadian Arctic. It is west of Greenland, and north of Baffin Island and lies from 76 to 84 degrees north. It is part of the Queen Elizabeth Islands.

Terrain: Ellesmere Island is the largest island of the Queen Elizabeth Islands located off the northwest coast of Greenland. The island is about 500 km wide and 800 km long and has an area of about 200,000 sq km. It is the most rugged in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Cape...more

Top Trips
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Sverdrup Pass Traverse, Ellesmere Island Manrico Scremin

Top Photos
Barbeau Peak Kevin Altheim
Sverdrup Pass from Witch Mountain, Ellesmere Island Manrico Scremin
Irene Bay from Witch Mountain, Ellesmere Island Manrico Scremin