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Ogilvie Mountains
Parent Area: Yukon Ranges

Area: 50098 sq km. Location: Bounded loosly by the Fishing Branch river on the north, and angling SE to the Hart River. The Hart river runs south to north and marks the east boundary. The McQueston river holds the southern end of the mountains and the Tintina Trench cuts NWW across the south west portion. The western boundary runs near the Yukon -Alaska border (141st meridian). Terrain: The Ogilvies have disctict north and south portions. The north are sedimentary rock that escaped the glaciation of the last ice age. They are heavily worn and have lots of talus and water cut valleys. The south part, dominated by the Tombstone range is made up of an igneous intrution lies in sharp contrast. The rock tends to be much darker and more stark. The slopes are more vertical and jagged.

Top Trips
Monolith's Dominion (Intro to Tombstone Territorial Park) Dean Richards

Top Photos
Mount Monolith from the East Dean Richards
Monolith NE3 from the East Dean Richards
Cathedral Mount from Dempster Highway Dean Richards
Tombstone Mountains John Klein
Monolith NE3 from the South Dean Richards
Goldensides Mountain from the West Mike Wickett
Western Ramparts of Monolith Mike Wickett
Cairnes Peak, Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon Shelley Wales
Hikers Descending Glissade Pass Dean Richards
Northeast Flank of Monolith at Divide Lake Mike Wickett
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