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Truce Group
Parent Area: Purcell Mountains

Area: 353 sq km.Location: Northeast of Kootenay Lake, north of the Toby Glacier, and south of the Macbeth Icefield and Starbird Glaciers. Encompasses the area contained between Glacier Creek and Hamill Creek and between Toby Creek and lower Jumbo Creek. Includes Jumbo Pass and Earl Grey Pass. Terrain: The Truce Group is a long ridge of mountains running east-west, between Hamill Creek and Glacier Creek. Contains a sizable glacier.

Top Trips
Ascent of Truce Mountain and Cauldron Peter F. Green
A New Approach to and Route up Mount Pambrun Rick Collier
Toby to Forester 6 days on skis Justin Vance
Bastille Mountain from Jumbo Pass Dean Richards
Jumbo Pass from Jumbo Creek Kevin Altheim

Top Photos
Truce Mountain, Jumbo Pass and the Horseshoe Glacier Group Doug Brown
Another One for the Tick List: Emperor Peak Sandra McGuinness
Archduke Mountain from the Settlers Group Sandra McGuinness
Morning Light on the Truce Group Sandra McGuinness
Redtop Mountain Dean Richards
East Side of Bastille Kevin Altheim
High on Mount Cauldron Peter F. Green
Monica Meadows and the Truce Group Sandra McGuinness
Truce Mountain from Cauldron Mountain Peter F. Green
East Truce Glacier Area Kevin Altheim
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