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MacKenzie Ranges

Area: 233121 sq km.   Location: The Mackenzie Mountains lie along the southwestern border of the Northwest Territories, and form the headwaters of the South Nahanni River. The range runs northwest between the British Columbia border and the Peel River valley. The range is about 800 km long. It forms the southern border between Yukon and Northwest Territories. Terrain: The MacKenzie Mountains are a northern extension of the Rocky Mountains. The mountains and broad plateau are composed of limestone land of. The...more

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Top Photos
Keele Peak from South Tomatosawz Steif
Mount Hunt from Simpson Tower Drew Brayshaw
Itsi Mountain from the West Dean Richards
Mount Harrison Smith with Snow Andrew Querner
Keele Peak from valley to the East Kevin Altheim
Mount Sheldon from the South Dean Richards
Mount Proboscis and Area George Bell
Lotus Flower Tower George Bell
Fairy Meadows Andrew Querner
Cirque of the Unclimbables Overview George Bell
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