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Appalachian Mountains
Parent Area: North America Ranges

Area: 191704 sq km. Location: The Appalachian Mountains stretch 2500 km along the east coast of North America from Central Alabama to the Gaspe region of Quebec. The Long Range Mountains on the island of Newfoundland are sometimes considered the northern limit of the Appalachian Mountains. Terrain: The mountain chain was created by tectonic movements between 480-280 million years ago. Since then, erosion has removed several kilometres of rock, revealing once deeply buried rock. After the last ice age, between 14 000 and 10 000 years ago, the land rebounded sufficiently to exceed the sea-level rise. The chain forms a natural barrier between the Atlantic Ocean and the lowlands of the continental interior. History: The 3300-km Appalachian National Scenic Trail that runs the full length of the US portion of the Appalachians was completed in 1937.

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Mont Jacques-Cartier from the west Robin Tivy
Sagamook to Mount Carleton - hiking traverse Robin Tivy
Cross Canada Road Trip (And Culture Exchange) Robin Tivy
Mount Carleton, New Brunswick's High Point Sandy Briggs

Top Photos
Mont Jacques-Cartier from the west Robin Tivy
Mount Carleton Summit Robin Tivy
Mount Sagamook from near the summit Robin Tivy
Mont Xalibu from trail Robin Tivy
Les Chutes Du Diable David Wasserman
Rocher Perce seen from Cap Blanc Ed Cooper
Rocher Perce seen from Tidewater Ed Cooper
Cap Bon Ami and Cap Gaspé from Mont Saint-Alban David Wasserman
Forest Stream Near Mont Saint-Alban David Wasserman
Chic-Choc Mountains David Campbell
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