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Dezadeash Range
Parent Area: Boundary Ranges

Area: 1004 sq km. Location: A small triangular-shaped range east of Haines Junction and south of the Alaska Highway. It could be considered the most northwesterly portion of the Coast Mountains, although government maps label it as part of the Yukon Plateau. Terrain: The peaks of this range are generally rounded and easy to climb. History: The name Dezadeash comes from native Tutchone and refers to a traditional fishing method. Strips of white birch bark were sunk to the bottom of a lake, with the white side of the bark pointing up. Fish swimming over the bark could easily be seen because of their dark silhouettes againt the white bark, and could thus be easily speared. Dezadeash Lake, just south of the range was the site of a massacre where Upper Tanana Indians from Snag ambushed and killed 100 Southern Tutchones.

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