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Centennial Range
Parent Area: Icefield Ranges

Area: 341 sq km. Location: The range is located about 40 km north of the Mount Logan massif, and just south of Lucania. It is right against the Alaska border. Terrain: The peaks are all less that 4000 m in height, dwarfed by nearby giants such as Mount Lucania, Mount Steele, and Mount Walsh, but nevertheless offer some outstanding mountaineering challenges. History: In 1967, the Alpine Club of Canada organized a huge expedition to attempt to climb all the climbed and unclimbed peaks in the range. It was largely funded by the Canadian Government, and two priviledged climbers were chosen to represent each province. In actual fact, most of the climbers came from British Columbia, such as Sev Heiberg, who was designated to climb Mount Ontario. This effort was part of the 100th birthday celebrations of Canada becoming a country. This is an example of the way it was in the "good old days" when government financed expeditions provided a great experience for a small number of lucky climbers. The peaks in the range had just been named after Canada's provinces such as Mount Saskatchewan, etc. Although the expedition was organized by Fred Roots he didn't take part in the expedition because of other commitments.

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