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Queen Elizabeth Ranges
Parent Area: Front Ranges

Area: 817 sq km. Location: This is a large range going all the way from E of Medicine Lake and crossing Maligne Lake. On the N it is bounded by the pass N of Medicine Lake which goes through to the Rocky River. On the south, it is separated from Le Grand Brazeau by the E fork of Poboktan Creek, such that Mount Brazeau is within the Queen Elizabeth Ranges. On the S, it is bounded by the Maligne River.

Terrain: This range is not as heavily glaciated as the ranges to the west. The valleys are broad and there are extensive meadows, ideal for hiking. Access to many of the peaks is from the north end of Maligne Lake. The southern peaks such as Brazeau are usually accessed directly from the Banff-Jasper highway via Poboktan Creek.

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Mount Brazeau From Valad Peak Robin Tivy
Mount Unwin Northeast Face Route David Henry
Mary Vaux and Llysfran Peak from Maligne Range Robin Tivy
Mount Unwin from Maligne Range Robin Tivy
Gully on Henry MacLeod Robin Tivy
Mirror Image Rick Collier
Maligne Mountain and North Glacier from Maligne Lake David Henry
Mount Brazeau from Summit Ridge on Mount Warren Rick Collier
The North Face of Brazeau Andrew McLeod
Monkhead from the Northwest Rick Collier
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