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Winston Churchill Range
Parent Area: Park Ranges

Area: 514 sq km.Location: This range is basically a long ridge between the Sunwapta River and the upper Athabasca River. Although it butts up against the Columbia Icefield at Mount Stutfield, it does not contain the peaks commonly accessed from the Columbia Icefield. Terrain: A rugged range which projects out on a long ridge between the Sunwapta River and the upper Athabasca River. Very impressive views of the range can be gotten by hiking up the Athabasca River, such as Mount Alberta.

Top Trips
The Japanese Route on Mount Alberta Orvel Miskiw
A Spring Ascent of South Twin Peak Vern Dewit
Bike and hike to the headwaters of the Athabasca River Dieter Kepper
Chaba Icefield Ski Traverse Robin Tivy
Climbing Cromwell from the South Rick Collier
One Day Ascent of Woolley, Diadem and Mushroom Peak Vern Dewit
Little Alberta from the Woolley / Diadem Bivy Vern Dewit
An Ascent of Mt. Alberta Rick Collier
Twins and Stutfield - Athabasca Glacier Approach Rick Collier
Mt.Woolley and Diadem attempt Ross Mailloux
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Top Photos
Mount Alberta: Downclimbing into the Notch David Wasserman
Mount Woolley Panorama Dave Stephens
North Face of North Twin from Woolley Shoulder David Wasserman
Mount Alberta Northwest Aspect John Scurlock
North Twin North Face John Scurlock
Columbia Icefield Panorama from Tangle Ridge Eric Coulthard
Mount Kitchener and the Sunwapta River at Dawn David Wasserman
The Twins High Resolution Eric Coulthard
Northeast Face of Mount Stutfield East Rick Collier
Winston Churchill Range Panorama from Sunwapta Peak Eric Coulthard
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Alpine Journal Articles
1970 Mount Mitchell W. Pfisterer
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