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Selwyn Range
Parent Area: Park Ranges

Area: 1517 sq km.Location: The Selwyn Range is located between Jasper National Park and Valemount, in the southern part of Mount Robson Provincial Park. On the northeast it is flanked by the headwaters of the Fraser River which rises on the other side of the Ramparts from the Whirlpool River. It is entirely in British Columbia. From the lettering on the map, the southern boundary is Ptarmigan Creek, thus leaving the obscure range between Ptarmigan Creek and Hugh Allan Creek without a name.

The drainage is quite complex. The west is drained by the Canoe River, which starts in the west then makes a big bend just south of Valemount to flow south, joining the Columbia river at the mouth of the Wood River. (Boat Encampment). However the north and east is largely drained by the Fraser River, which flows northwest from here towards Prince George, following a completely different path to the Pacific Ocean from the Columbia. The third major river in the area is the North Thompson. The Canoe River separates the Selwyn Range from the Monashee Mountains.

  History: The Selwyn Range was named after Alfred Selwyn (1824-1902). According to both Handbook of the Canadian Rockies, and Placenames of the Canadian Alps, he was the first director of the Geological Survey of Canada. (Editors Note: I thought that was William Logan??)

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Selwyn Range Traverse - Classic Mountain Exploration Robin Tivy
Hiking Mount Terry Fox Klaus Haring
Jeannette Peak - First Recorded Ascent Pascale Marceau
Jeannette Peak - First Attempt at its First Ascent Pascale Marceau

Top Photos
Jeannette Peak from the south via air Pascale Marceau
Overlander Mountain at Sunset David Wasserman
Kuraluk Peak Eric Coulthard
Siberia Peak from the Northwest Robin Tivy
Mount Terry Fox from the Trail Klaus Haring
Yellowhead Lake and Sleeper Mountain David Wasserman
Jeannette Peak - aerial shot Pascale Marceau
Klapperhorn Mountain at Sunset David Wasserman
Siberia Peak from above Yellowjacket Pass (Telephoto) Robin Tivy
Emerald Peak from the North Dieter Kepper
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