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Clemenceau-Chaba Icefields
Parent Area: Park Ranges

Area: 1114 sq km.Location: The Clemenceau-Chaba icefields are located in Jasper National Park. They straddle the continental divide, with the Chaba Icefield on the Alberta side, and the Clemenceau Icefield on the BC side. Includes: The boundaries include the ridge between the Chaba and Athabasca containing Mount Quincy, Blackfriars Peak, and Dias Peak. The ridge on the west, all the way to Columbia Reach. Also Chisel Peak. Excludes King Edward and Triad, which are considered part of Columbia Icefield. Terrain: As its name implies, the terrain is almost entirely icefield. Since it is west of the continental divide, the weather is often poor.

Top Trips
Up the Chaba River to Dais Mountain Steve Sheriff
Clemenceau - Sullivan River Approach Rick Collier
Bike and hike to the headwaters of the Athabasca River Dieter Kepper
Chaba Icefield Ski Traverse Robin Tivy
Tusk Peak - Overland from Athabasca River Rick Collier
North Rockies Highline ski traverse Mark Klassen
East Ridge of Tsar Steve Sheriff
Clemenceau - Approach from Athabasca River Rick Collier
Clemenceau - Fortress Lake Approach Rick Collier
Listening Mountain - First Ascent Rick Collier
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Top Photos
Tsar Mountain, Northwest Face John Scurlock
Clemenceau Icefield Panorama Lee Lau
Tusk Peak from Tusk Glacier Lee Lau
Mount Clemenceau in Winter Jeff Volp
Reconaissance Ridge from Tusk-Irvine Glacier Lee Lau
The East & North Faces Of Bras Croche John Scurlock
View North West of Mount Columbia Eric Coulthard
Warwick Mountain and Dais Mountain Eric Coulthard
Dais Mountain Eric Coulthard
Mount Quincy From Athabasca River Valley Rick Collier
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