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Columbia Icefield (Columbia Icefields)
Parent Area: Park Ranges

Area: 850 sq km.   Location: The Columbia Icefield lies to the west of the Banff-Jasper highway, about half way from Lake Louise to Jasper. It straddles the continental divide. Includes: King Edward and Triad. Excludes peaks like Alberta, which are said to be in the Winston Churchill Range. Terrain: The Columbia Icefield contains the triple point of the three great drainages of Western Canada - on the west, the Columbia River flows to the Pacific, on the north, the Athabasca River flows to the Arctic Ocean,...more

Top Trips
Success on Mount Columbia Eric Coulthard
Mount Columbia via West Face Rich Gebert
An Ascent of the South Face of Mount Saskatchewan Rick Collier
Castleguard Mountain and the Mysterious Hand of Fate David Wasserman
Mount Bryce - Northeast Col Approach in August 2006 Tom Wolfe
Mount Bryce North Face Tom Wolfe
Bryce Northeast Ridge Rich Gebert
A Spring Ascent of South Twin Peak Vern Dewit
Mount Saskatechewan via SW ridge Eric Coulthard
Bike and hike to the headwaters of the Athabasca River Dieter Kepper
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Top Photos
East Face of Columbia from East of the Trench Steph Durocher
Athabasca Sunset Glow Stephen Skog
Mount Bryce - North Aspect Justin Brown
Mount Bryce from the Summit of Castleguard David Wasserman
North Face of North Twin from Woolley Shoulder David Wasserman
Mount Columbia From Near Snow Dome Philip Mees
View West of Mount Columbia (Labelled) Eric Coulthard
Mount Saskatchewan - Northwest Aspect Justin Brown
Mount Saskatchewan and Castleguard Mountain Eric Coulthard
Wilcox Pass - View from South Justin Brown
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Paper Maps
Columbia Icefield Gem Trek 1:75000 200'