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Victoria Cross Ranges
Parent Area: Front Ranges

Area: 678 sq km. Location: A range NW of Jasper and the Yellowhead highway, west of Mount Robson Provincial Park and S of the Snaring River. Drained by Snaring River, Miette River. Bounded by Snaring River on the north, Yellowhead Highway on the south, Miette River on the west, and the Athabasca River on the east. Terrain: Low peaks, mostly without glaciers.

Top Trips
Pyramid in Late September Rick Collier
Victoria Cross Range - 9-Day Alpine and Mountain Trek Rick Collier

Top Photos
View West of Gargoyle Mountain (Labelled) Eric Coulthard
Mount Bridgland and its Higher Outlier David Wasserman
Pyramid Mountain Southeast Aspect Steve Sproule
Mount McKean Eric Coulthard
Pyramid Mountain from the North Eric Coulthard
Monarch Mountain Dieter Kepper
Jasper Townsite and the Victoria Cross Ranges David Wasserman
Mount Zengel Eric Coulthard
Snaring Mountain Eric Coulthard
Pyramid Mountain across Pyramid Lake Rick Collier
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