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Kananaskis Range (Ship's Range)
Parent Area: Front Ranges

Area: 175 sq km.Location: The Kananaskis Range runs SSE from the Buller Creek to the northern tip of Lower Kananaskis Lake. It is bounded on the east by the Kananaskis River, from which it gets its name. On the west, it is separated from the Spray Mountains by Smuts Creek and Smith Dorrien Creek. On the North Galatea Creek and Buller Creek effectively separates it from the Front Ranges. Includes: Excludes Mount Buller because Buller Creek effectively ends the Range on the N. If Buller was included, due to the fact you would have to head around Buller Creek and the saddles are quite high, one could argue on then including Bogart and others in the Range. History: The peaks in the Kananaskis Range are mainly the names of ships that were involved in the Battle of Jutland and it was previously known as Ships Range.

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Mt. Birdwood via Lizzie's Ridge Orvel Miskiw
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West Ridge ascent of Mount Sir Douglas Vern Dewit
Mount Galatea from Chester Lake Kevin Altheim
Mount French - Possible First Winter Ascent Rick Collier
Mount Chester, North face ski descent Kyle Martens
An Ascent of the East Face of Mount Monro Rick Collier
Ascents of Mount Kent Including a Foolish Epic Rick Collier
Hike up to Lillian and Galatea Lakes Maria Saley
Climb Murray N1 (North Subpeak of Mount Murray) Kevin Altheim
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Top Photos
Evening Sunlight on Mount Chester Steve Sproule
Gusty Peak-Mount Galatea-The Tower Kevin Altheim
The Fortress from Highway 40 Amy Presse
Mount Inflexible: An Unusual View from the Southwest Rick Collier
Golden Larches at Chester Lake David Wasserman
The Kananaskis Range from Galatea Kevin Altheim
Gusty Peak and Chester Lake David Wasserman
Mount Galatea Kevin Altheim
The Tower from Galatea Kevin Altheim
Blue, White, and Green: Mount Chester from the Chester Lake Trail David Wasserman
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