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About the Login System
To prevent robots, the Bivouac website asks you to create a free login. The free login is sufficient to get at the mountain pages, etc. But trip reports and feature photos require you to be a paid supporter. You can keep using your login record in 'free' mode long as you want. Or you can upgrade your free login record to 'paid' at any time.

See What you Get for your Money. In summary, there are three levels of access in the Bivouac website:

1. Not logged in
2. Logged in (Status=free)
3. Logged in (Status=paid)
Please remember your email address and password for future visits! You can update your email address at any time. Always use the same login record, because established login records have more priviledges. Put in your proper name so you can later find your login record if you forget something. When you want to pay, just login using your free login, then click the link for 'convert to paid membership'.

The login mechanism requires that your browser not have session cookies disabled. This is described in the help section.

Privacy: The login record has your email address and phone number. The email address is displayed only to yourself when you login. It is never given to any other members or any other organization. If other members want to contact you, they must do so using 'blind' email. They never see the email address.