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Mountain Prominence Terminology

Below are major articles which explain the concepts of prominence, cell maps, map datums, etc. used throughout the encyclopedia. To go with these articles, there is a annotated index or glossary which focuses on the key terms themselves. So if you run across a term like 'key saddle', you can get a refresher. This prominence glossary project was carefully planned in order to contribute to efforts to standardize the terminology used in various other prominence websites. Since then, the terminology have been generally accepted by the prominence community and have been propogated by others to Wikipedia. Here is a brief document of my original Terminology Plan.

General Defintions

  1. Definition of "Mountain"
  2. Famous Peak Lists
  3. Mountain Ranges

Basic Prominence
Prominence is a measure of how separate a mountain is from the nearest higher peak.

  1. Mountain Prominence - Definition
  2. Mountain Hierarchies (Line Parent, Subpeak)
  3. Line Parent Definition And Database Stability

Prominence Cells
Prominence cells is a method of defining regions based on the boundaries between mountains of a given prominence.

  1. Prominence Cell Maps
  2. Prominence Cells and their Boundaries
Balanced Mountain Regions
A more useful method of dividing a continent into regions, taking into account area as well as prominence.
  1. Region Hierarchy
  2. Hierarchial Subdivision of North America into Mountain Regions
  3. Mountain Prominence Regions
  4. Region Hierarchy Glossary


  1. Map Datums
  2. Map Coordinate Systems